Water Level Monitoring
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  2006 Water Level Changes  
  2005 Water Level Changes  

The rise and fall of the water table in the District has been monitored in some form or fashion since 1946 by the staff of the Texas Water Development Board, or their predecessors.  At the time the District began operations in 1993, the Texas Water Development Board was annually monitoring 65+ wells in Terry County.

In order to better approximate annual groundwater conditions, District staff initially added approximately 40 more wells to the monitoring network.  Also, in January 2000, approximately 30 more water level measurement wells were added.  Water level measurements are taken each winter, usually during January.  Measurements are taken at this time because most wells are not pumping during the winter.  As a result, the water level measurements best approximate the static level of the water table.

After water level measurements are taken each year, the District creates contour maps showing the change in water level from the previous year.  A report of the change in water levels is made by District staff at the South Plains Ag Conference in late January each year.   For the last several years, water levels in the District indicate a net average decline.
From 1985-1995, water levels in most measurement wells rose.  This rise in water levels resulted in an increase in storage of approximately 280,000 acre-feet.  However, from 1995-2000, water levels in most measurement wells declined.  This decline in water levels resulted in a decrease in storage of approximately 123,000 acre-feet.