BISD Bright Beginnings Academic Center Rainwater Harvesting System

The Brownfield ISD installed a rainwater harvesting system on the Bright Beginnings Academic Center during the summer of 2010. The building had a metal roof and gutters already installed. The SPUWCD suggested that a rainwater harvesting system is installed and used for watering the landscape and the playground area. Billy Kniffen, Texas AgriLife Extension, met with District staff and BISD staff to help design the system. The South Plains UWCD gave $5,000 toward the project.

The system includes six 3,000 gallon storage tanks and one 15,000 gallon storage tank. This provides approximately 33,000 gallons of rainwater storage.

Rainfall is harvested at the rate of 0.6 gal/ft2 roof area per 1″ rainfall. The Bright Beginnings Academic Center roof area is approximately 15,084 ft2. For this roof area, a 1″ rain event generates about 9,050 gallons.

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